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Securing your home – Reduce the risk

Here are some of the measures that you can implement to cut the cost of your home insurance quotation.

Have your doors and windows fitted with approved locks ensuring that they are locked when you leave your property or at night.
Burglar alarms are an effective method of deterring burglars making sure that the alarm box is in a visible location on your property.  It is advisable to have your alarm maintained on a yearly basis. You can also fit door chains.
You also need to ensure that your garage and sheds are locked.

Consider movement activated exterior lighting.
Do not leave spare keys in obvious places such as under a plant pot or under a mat.
Secure your home while you are away on holiday using the following guidelines.

a)  Check that all windows and doors are locked
b)  Let your neighbours know that you will be away
c)  Lock away all your financial documents and keys
d)  Ask one of your neighbours to check on your house regularly and collect
     your post if in view of the public.
e)  Leave your lights or radio on a timer.
f)  Lastly Set your Alarm

Age may be beneficial in reducing your home insurance, as the older you are the less likely you are to make a claim on your home insurance policy.
Some insurers will offer discounts for – neighbourhood watch or being a non smoker

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