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If you have read money saving tips and staying safe at home and done what is said there, you should hopefully never have to do this. Being burgled is not a nice experience so we have put together a small list of things to do in this scenario.

So the unthinkable has happened you have been broken in to and you need to make a claim.

Firstly call the police 999.

Secondly DO NOT TOUCH anything until the police arrive.
When the police get there they will ask you what time you went out and got back, and what is missing. They will probably want an officer to take fingerprints from the scene of the crime.

The Police will issue you with a crime report number. This number is very important.
Contact your insurance company and report the theft to them, don’t forget to give them the crime report number. Your insurance company will then send you out a form to complete all the details on. A loss adjuster may visit to go though the claim with you. If you have found that other things are missing tell the loss adjuster so he or she can add them to the claim for you, it can be some time before you realise that some the smaller items are missing.

The loss adjuster will send their information to the insurance company who will then send you a settlement figure. If you aren’t satisfied with this then contact them and inform them of the reasons why you are unhappy. When both parties agree they will send you a cheque, or they will replace the items for you. Some even deliver the new items to your house.

If you need to make a claim for another reason then look out your policy documents to see if you are covered, if you are, contact the relevant insurance company and they will send you out a claims form. If there is damage to the building you will have to get a qualified craftsman out to give you an estimate for the repair work and send it in with the claims form. Some insurance companies now have their own craftsmen/engineers and they will send them out. If you have had temporary repairs done then you will need to send a copy of the bill to the insurance company.

If you have lost you wallet or purse then call the bank and cancel all of your cards immediately. You will then have to contact the police they will give you a crime reference. Then contact the relevant insurance company.

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