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Quotecheap UK – How to beat a bogus caller

Most people are genuine that come to your home. But some people will turn up unannounced, and will try to trick their way into your home.

Most bogus callers are smartly dressed and claim to be from the council, the police, gas, water or the heath service, they can be very convincing.

Not all burglars use force to enter premises, and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to the bogus official or random caller.

Callers could be confidence tricksters or thieves. It is important to take precautions when people call at your home.

Doorstep code
Please look at our 12-step guide to doorstep safety. When you get a caller you do not know or recognise, follow these simple steps – Remember this advice could prevent a bogus caller getting into your home.

1. Stop keep the door locked and chained.

2. Look out of the window or use the spy hole if you have one, to see if you can identify who the caller is. If there is more than one person be suspicious – it is unusual for a company to send more than one person. Is the caller wearing a uniform or is there a company car outside?

3. Go to the door; make sure the safety chain is on before you open it.

4. Does the caller know your name?

5. Ask for an ID card:

6. Does the card look like an official company card?

7. Is there a photograph? – Does it match with the caller?

8. Does the card carry the company name?

9. If you are unsure close the door, look up the company name in the phone book and ring them. Get the company to tell you your account number and then ask the caller for your account number and make sure the two match. If they don’t match or the caller cannot give you your account number do not let them in.

10. If you have any doubts don’t open the door. Keep the caller out and call the police on 999.

11. Remember: Genuine callers will normally make an appointment first and will carry identification with their photograph attached.

12. If you do not want to call the police then please call crime stoppers on free phone 0800 555 111.

ALWAYS REMEMBER STOP, CHAIN AND CHECK IT, if your are in any doubt don’t let them in.

Only let them in when you are totally sure that they are genuine.

There were 12,000 incidents in the UK last year of distraction burglary, where bogus callers got into homes and steal cash or valuables while the occupier was distracted. They normally work in pairs, with one doing the talking while the other is stealing.

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