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Your house insurance – is flooding covered?

Floods happen to other people, or so you might think, but not any more – the destruction caused in the UK in 2007 and since has had a devastating effect on many families. There are approximately 5 million people living in flood areas in England and Wales according to statistics provided by the Environment Agency.

Things to do in preparation for flooding – Firstly have the correct Insurance cover. Have an emergency kit ready at all times it is a good way to save you valuable time; this should include first aid equipment torch and drinking water. Put valuable items as high up as possible, possessions that can be damaged by water put them on the upper floors especially photos and paintings, also taking time to safeguard and personal documents including your home insurance policy in waterproof sealed bags.

Pack any essential items you may require if you happen to be evacuated – clothing, toiletries and most important any medications, also taking mobile phones and chargers along, and maybe some food supplies that have a long life, and remember to keep all this upstairs.  Shut all the windows lock all the doors and of course don’t forget the animals.  Turnoff the electric and gas before any water enters your property and don’t touch any electrical items when you are standing in flood water.

 You can buy sandbags and sand from the local builder’s merchants, listen to updates on flood warnings as if you leave it too late there will be no sand or bags left everyone will be out buying them.

If you have the time take photographs, this could help you with any insurance claims later, but do not take risks if you can’t do don’t, it is important that you get out safely. Do not put your safety and others before your property, the property can be repaired a life can’t.
After the floods

Nothing can prepare you for the damage that flood water can do, it will possibly contain sewage, it will smell and if you can get some protective clothing it would be advisable when cleaning up.  Do not turn on the electricity supply or gas supply until it has been fully checked by a qualified person.

As soon as it is possible contact your home insurance company, they will send along a los adjuster to assess the claim and also employ someone to help with the clean up.  Photographing if you can any damage to property and possessions, you could also chalk mark the walls what the water level has reached in each room.

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