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House Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

 House insurance is crucial for homeowners as this could possibly be the biggest investment that they have ever made.

 a)  What is building insurance?

 This will cover the structure of your property.  This could include the outbuildings, garage, sheds and walls and may include any permanent fixtures such as fitted kitchens, fitted wardrobes, sinks and baths.

 There are several aspects that are taken into consideration when pricing for building insurance cover.  The cost of building materials and the location will be a factor in the home insurance premium.

 You must make aware to your insurer any information that could affect you in the event of you making a claim.  For example if you live in a flood zone or a known subsidence area you must inform your insurer.  If you omit this kind of information and you suffer from either of these examples your claim will not be valid.

 b)  How much do I need to insure my house for?

 You insure your home for a re-build value not the value of the property should you wish to sell it.  This will take into account labour, materials architects and legal costs.

 If you hold a mortgage on the property your lender will insist on you purchasing a home insurance policy either with them or other insurers.

 c) What is contents insurance?

 This insurance will cover  you for things in your house such as TV’s  carpets, furniture, food in freezer should there be a power cut or breakdown, usually these will be on the basis of new for old, although with your clothes there is usually a wear payment.

 If you have any individual items of a specific value you should inform your insurer as in the event of a claim on your home contents policy will be void if you have not informed them.

d) What cover for items taken away from the home?

 There is the ‘all risk’ policy which will cover you for anything taken away on holiday i.e: a camera or should you lose an item of jewellery or lose your handbag.

 You should discuss this extra cover with your insurer as this does not come as standard on your home contents insurance policy.

 e)  What is policy excess?

 This amount varies the rule of thumb is the bigger the excess the cheaper your home contents insurance will be.

 If you have an excess on your policy of £100.00 and your claim for your sofa is £400.00 then you will receive £300.00.  But you only pay this excess even if your claim is for a few thousand pounds

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