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Quotecheap UK Home Security – Beware of con-men

It has now become clear that the number of con-men trying their luck in the UK is increasing. A common approach is for someone to knock at your door and say to you:

“I’m doing some work down the road and I noticed that your roof or drive needed some attention.”


Do not even let them do a free inspection of your roof – they will probably only remove a tile or doing some other damage which will have to be repaired.

Our advice is for residents to get these people off their premises as soon as possible and to let the Police have a description of them and any vehicle they may be using. This way we might be able to help protect others in future.

When at home, ask all unfamiliar callers for some identification, ALWAYS REMEMBER STOP, CHAIN AND CHECK IT, if your are in any doubt don’t let them in. Only let them in when you are totally sure that they are genuine.

The elderly are often charged exorbitant sums for little or no work. Get a reputable builder to check if you are told that such things as ridge tiles, chimney flashing and roof slates are loose.

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