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How to claim on your Home Insurance Policy

Firstly check your Home Insurance Policy carefully to ensure that the loss or damage is covered in your policy, this is when you will find out how good your home insurance is when you making a claim. Do not be tempted to instruct a builder or patch things up yourself, you must wait for an assessor from your insurance company.
The next step is to call your insurer, but if you are calling for burst pipes roof damage or flooding, you should first call should be to an emergency plumber.  Once you have sorted the emergency out contact your insurer immediately making sure you have to hand your policy number and details of what caused the claim.    If your claim is for a burglary you should also have your crime number to hand.  You should find the claims line telephone number in your policy booklet; you will then be able to explain the circumstances to the customer service advisor. 
Take photographs whenever possible as these are handy as evidence in proving your claim; you then should get some estimates from authorised builders.  If this is only a small claim then it should be settled quite quickly, but for larger claims the insurance company will want the advice of a loss adjuster who they will send to inspect your property.  The loss adjuster will check that you have all the correct window locks and door locks a working alarm in the case of it being a burglary, you no doubt will have ticked the boxes for these security features on your application form, but if you have made false statements on your application form you claim may be invalidated and your policy will no doubt be cancelled.
Hopefully you will have home insurance cover that is ‘new for old’ this will meet the full cost of replacing damaged or stolen items.  If by any chance you have a single item cover, your insurer will want to see a receipt or a valuation certificate to prove the claim.  Too many unscrupulous people have tried to make claims for things that are only copies. This in itself will lead to higher insurance for everyone.

If by any chance you are underinsured, the insurance company has the right to reduce your claim by the percentage that you are underinsured, an example of this is if your property  cost £250,00 to rebuild and your buildings insurance was only for  £150.00 it will only pay 50% of the claim.  The insurer will also implement this policy on your contents insurance policy.
Finally if your claim is small and you can afford it, you will have to decide if it is worth claiming for or losing the good no claims bonus that you have built up over the years, as it could result in a higher premium next time round.

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