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Home Insurance for home based workers

Home based businesses can cover wide range of industries. Whatever your home based business may be: you will be able to source a business insurance policy to suit your needs.

The majority of home – based business owners, also people who work from home, will assume that their home insurance will automatically cover their home – based business activities.

This is not the case – your home – based business could actually void your home insurance policy, if you are using your home to operate a business, or any other purposes that you insurance has no knowledge of, this could invalidate your policy.

There are specialised business insurance policies that can include buildings insurance for your home and home office.  Having a business contents insurance policy will ensure that your business equipment and materials are insured.  You could also have additional liability cover for your home based business.  This will be only suitable if you have customers coming to your home and if anyone was injured whilst doing so. You should consider having an all risks policy.

You should make sure that you take out a buildings and contents insurance policy which is particularly aimed at those people with a home-based business.

What an insurer needs to know:

1.  The type of business you are running
2.  All details of any equipment and computers that will be at your property
3.  Details of anything used outside of your home i.e Laptop

Have a look at your existing contents policy to see what items are covered as some insurers automatically cover up to five thousand pounds of home office equipment.

Then there is the worry of how much cover to have, you will need to reassess your policy now that you will be working from home by comparing quotes on your home=based business insurance by going to

As soon as you have found an insurer that you feel happy with do not sign anything until you have had answers to the following questions:

1. Is there a no claims bonus
2. Does the insurer provide a twenty four hour emergency and legal advice helpline
3. What is the level of excess
4. Lastly, what is the cost of the premiums
Any other insurance you may require as mentioned previously is Public Liability for visitors to your home based business and if you have employees you may have to have Employers Liability insurance.

A last note if your use your car for business make sure you upgrade this to business use as well as domestic use.

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