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Home Insurance for Tenants

If you are in rented accommodation it is your responsibility to insure all your personal possessions, as the cost of replacing your belongings in the event of theft or a fire could be much higher than you think.  Your landlord will arrange sufficient buildings insurance to protect the structure of the property, you should have suitable tenants insurance to cover all items that you would take with you should you move, such as carpets, washing machines, clothing and electrical items.

  The policy will protect not only your own possessions but will protect any damage done to your landlords property, if you have not insured these items the landlord has the right to deduct money from your deposit on the property.  If the landlord is aware that you have contents insurance this will give him added peace of mind that any fixtures that are his are covered by insurance. There are various home contents policies available for tenants, you could choose a very basic level of cover which would be helpful if you are on a low budget

Home contents policies can include accidental damage to toilets or bathroom sinks.  You can increase your insurance cover to include public liability, this cover would be useful in the event of a visitor being injured on your premises or damage or loss of their possessions  whilst in your home.

When you are calculating the amount of cover you will need, it is a good idea to make a list of all your possessions, going room from room, this will give you an overall idea of their value.  Many home contents policies will cover for loss of your key, Some policies can be purchased that will cover your possessions while out of your home for 30 days or more.

If you intend to leave your home empty for any prolonged period of time you should inform  your insurer.

It would be beneficial if you purchased home contents cover with ‘a new for old’ you will then be able to replace all your precious items. There is a varying degree of cover for home contents insurance which can be from as little as £4000.00 to over £200.00.00

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