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Do I Need Home Insurance?

Home insurance is not a legal requirement as with cars, however to protect yourself and your family in the event of anything going wrong such as flooding (this can happen with a washing machine or dishwasher) or an act nature or even a robbery. 

There are some mortgage companies who will require you to have insurance cover, so you should read their terms and conditions.

If you are not insurance then any damage to your home either buildings or contents could in the long run cost you thousands.

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It is always essential that you have the right ‘sum insured’ as this is the amount you will be covered for in the event of a claim being made.  Underinsuring could leave you substantially out of pocket, but on the other hand if you over insure you will be paying too much for your home insurance.

You can purchase combined home insurance contents and buildings as one policy but this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be any cheaper.  Just cost the individual home insurance policies then cost the combined and choose the one that is the most suitable for you and your pocket.

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