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Home Contents Insurance for Students

Contents insurance is not high on the list of most students but it is a common fact that they are more prone to the opportunist crimes.  But if you are a student at university or college, renting a room or are living on campus you will want to have some form of insurance to cover the items you that you own and leave in your room and student’s contents insurance is something that you should contemplate buying.

Contents insurance will cover you for damage to your belongings should there be a flood or fire or just accidental damage if you say are having a party.
You can arrange your contents insurance as an extension to your parent’s home contents insurance policy or have your own individual policy, the latter is preferable as if you make a claim on your parent’s policy this would affect their ongoing premiums and their no claims discounts.

You will find that the cost of student home insurance is usually more expensive than being added on to their parents existing home contents policy.

Things that you may want to protect
Don’t only go for the obvious things to protect like your tv, dvd player or Mobile phone, some things that you need to insure against is theft, loss or accidental damage to your laptop, printer your software even your clothes.

As the security arrangements in student accommodation can be somewhat lax, there could possibly be some exclusion to the policy and some conditions could be imposed due to lack of security.

Home insurance cover may not offer protection if the premises are left unoccupied for more than a specified time – so at vacation time they should all be brought home unless you have a policy add – on that gives you a longer period of time for the property to be empty.

Statistically around forty per cent of all students are victims of crime throughout there time at university.

There is only a small percentage of students bother to take out some form of insurance that covers their personal belongings.
With your policy you will need to make sure that all your contents are fully covered against accidental damage, malicious damage by a third party and theft whilst you are out.
You should cover new for old so if anything is stolen or lost it will be replaced with a new item.

Most insurance policies carry something called an excess, this is something you agree to pay on the first amount of any claim, check with your insurer for the amount of excess.

Make sure your possessions are safe and secure in your student digs this term, contact Quotecheap Home Insurance for a great deal!

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