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Calculating your Home Contents Insurance

As time goes by we all accumulate more and more things, however, we should all make sure that we cover the less obvious things in our home like, bedding, clothing and even tools all which can be overlooked.  What about all our things that we store in the loft or garage also if there are children you will need to think about their gadgets as there are many games, x boxes computers hi fi equipment.  Many of us don’t realise the true value of our possessions.

When you are ready to take out home insurance cover you will be asked the question
‘How much cover do you want’?  The amount you choose should be a good representation
of the total value of your possessions within your property.  This does not include the structure as this will be covered by your buildings insurance policy.
As a guide to calculating the value of your property in your home, do a list of all the things that will need replacing in the event of a fire, flood or burglary going from room to room.
As a rule you should include everything that you would take with you if you were to move house.

Living Room

Try to work out the value of your furniture sofa’s chairs tv’s carpets, blinds curtains, cushions, dvd player, music centre, also include your ornaments and paintings etc.

Dining Room

 In here will be dining table and chairs, paintings, carpet, curtains blinds and maybe even a hostess trolley.

Cooker, fridge dishwasher. Washing machine, saucepans, kettle, toaster, microwave, blinds
Kitchen table and chairs.


In here is usually kept jewellery and other things of value along with the beds. Wardrobes,
Bedding, in here will also be clothes, shoes, bags, computers and tv’s and a host of other things


Add the cost of your bathroom cabinets and toiletries.


Well we have to furnish our conservatory so add that to the cost of your home contents policy as well.

Sofa’s, chairs, conservatory blinds


Garden furniture, contents of sheds. – checking that this is a standard on your policy or and add-on.

Your insurance policy may have an upper limit for individual items, so if you have items that are say worth more than One thousand five hundred you may have to cover these separately, this will entail additional costs. You just have to keep in mind that contents cover is not only to protect you against burglary, but to protect you if your home is destroyed by fire or flooding: you would have to possibly replace everything that you possess.  This is why it is crucial that you get an accurate home contents insurance policy.  When buying your cheap home contents insurance you should purchase a policy that is new for old and that is exactly what you will get in the event of a claim.
You can purchase additional cover that could include some of the following

 Food in your freezer
 Temporary accommodation
 Garden damage fallen trees and fences.
 Storm damage to gates and fences
 Personal liability
 Theft of ornaments and plants

It can prove difficult to calculate the price of certain items, especially if they were bought a
while ago or even were received as gifts, just consider what the value of the item is today and that will be the amount needed to replace them
If you calculate your home contents value correctly you can be sure that you will be insured correctly.  To over value your contents insurance will in effect, cause you to have a larger
premium than is necessary. On the other hand if you are underinsured it is highly unlikely that you will receive compensation for all items that have been stolen or damaged.

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