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Crime Prevention for cheaper home Insurance

Buying cheap home insurance will go some way to giving you peace of mind if you are burgled.  Every home is susceptible to break ins – even yours; the sooner you come to terms with this the easier it will be to protect your home. You mustn’t assume that you are the only one that is immune from burglary.  So you need to take the necessary precautions to protect your property and your family from intruders.

One of the easiest forms of crime prevention is to install a security system there are many security companies out there who will advise you on the best protection for you and your property.  This could be a once in a lifetime investment and could go a long way in protecting your home and your family. A visible burglar alarm and good security lighting are a very good deterrent.

The crime called ‘distraction crime’ is one that most people particularly the elderly fear most.  This kind of crime is where people are tricked into letting people into their homes; victims of this crime can suffer emotionally and physically as violence in this type of crime is on the increase.
Check to see who is at your door keeping your door chain fastened; if you do not recognise them or are suspicious do not open your door.  Check the identity of the caller and not by using the number that they give you, either call a neighbour or look in the telephone directory for the company they represent.  By using a telephone number that they give to you could be his friend waiting down the road, they will use any means to get into your property, distraction burglars often will work in teams, and one will distract you while the other sneaks in the door.

Home Insurance Security Essentials

Basic methods as a deterrent to burglars

  • Fit strong locks to external doors and windows
  • Never leave keys in the locks, remove them and keep in safe place and easy accessible
  • With UPVC doors always lift the handle turning the key to double lock it
  • It’s a good thing to mark your property tv’s video etc;
  • Door not leave a spare key under the plant pot, thieves know where to look.
  • Install outside security lights
  • When you go out for an evening or on holiday try to give the impression that you are at home by using a timer to switch your lights on and off.
  • Fit British Standard deadlocks to doors.
  • Do not tempt a thief by leaving things such as lawn mowers and bikes outside, they should be locked away.
  • Do not keep valuable ornaments on the window ledge or in easy view.

By using some or all of the above you can lower your home insurance quotes as the majority of burglars will not risk personal harm when burgling homes and will generally go for the easiest target.

By taking preventative action you can greatly reduce the cost of your home insurance.

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