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Buildings Insurance Cover

 It is mostly freehold homeowners who require building cover.

 If you rent your property then the landlord should be paying for the buildings insurance, if you are in leasehold property look into checking who should be paying the buildings insurance cover.

 If you are buying your home through a mortgage, most lenders will require you to have buildings insurance as part of the terms of agreement.

 Building Insurance will cover all permanent fixtures and fittings, it will cover the structure of the building, cover against storm, fire, floods, and malicious damage. Outbuildings such as sheds and garages may be covered by your buildings insurance, please check the level of cover you have with your insurer.

 Some people ask for buildings insurance that is the value of their home, i.e what it can be sold for, this is a common mistake you will actually be paying far too much for your building insurance cover.

 The ‘sum insured’ should be for the re-build value should there be any major damage to your property.  This rebuild will take in the costs of materials, labour, architects and any other legal fees; it should also include the cost of your living accommodation whilst your home was being re-built.

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