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What is Covered by Building Insurance?

Buildings insurance will cover the whole fabric of your home it covers the cost of the permanent structure as well as your fixtures and fittings your central heating boiler. One of the conditions of building insurance is that you maintain your property in a good state of repair. The buildings insurance may also cover sheds, garages fences and walls.

Below are some examples of what is covered.

* Fire and smoke damage
* Storms and flooding
* Explosions
* Impact from vehicles or animals
* Vandalism
* Lightening
* Subsidence – check your policy there could be a big excess
* Falling Aerial
* Theft or attempted theft cover is for repair not for loss of property
* Leaking water tanks

Most home building insurance policies vary from insurer to insurer. Furthermore every home is different and requires its own specific cover.  You should consider this when you shop around for your home buildings insurance quotes.  Informing your insurer with all the necessary information and reading the policy to ensure that it contains what you need before purchasing, will make things safer for you in the event of a claim.
If your property is tied to a mortgage lender then they will insist that you have home buildings insurance, they could offer to supply this to you but look around online first as you will probably be able to get it cheaper.

There are many factors that are looked at when pricing for building insurance, the age of the building, the locality and the price of building materials.  When you apply for buildings insurance quotation  you should disclose anything that might make your buildings insurance void such as  you are in a flood are or subsidence make sure these are included in your policy to avoid losing out on any claims.
What is not covered by Buildings Insurance?

It is probably more important to find out what is not covered than what is in the event of a claim. If there are certain items that are not included in a policy you should speak to your insurer so that you can have them added to your policy.

An example of some of the things that are not covered.

* Home Improvement damage
* Terrorism
* War
* Alternative accommodation
* Accidental damage to underground services pipes and drains.

When looking for home insurance contents cover is not considered compulsory, although it is to be recommended.  Think about all the things in your home and how much it would cost you to replace them, contents insurance covers things that are not part of the structure but items such as:

* Jewellery
* Tv’s
* Art
* Bicycles
* Clothing
* Garden Equipment
* Contents of Handbag

As a rule a contents home insurance policy will cover the cost for the following possible occurrences.

* Vandalism or theft
* Damage by Earthquake
* Fire Damage
* Flood Damage

What is not Covered by Contents Insurance?

* Accidental damage to items like video cameras hand held computer games, unless you have taken out extended accidental damage cover.
* Wilful damage to property
* DIY damage
* Loss of items away from the home
* Damage to glass inside your property. Example: shower screens.

Home insurance is intended to cover certain unpredicted events and will not cover everything.  It will not cover general wear and tear or damage which occurs over a period of time.  There will also be excess on all claims.





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