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Accidental Damage Home Insurance explained

What is accidental damage?
In general ‘accidental’ means that it is unintentional or unforeseen, but will not cover for wear and tear or deterioration with age, wilful acts, and defective workmanship.  An insurer will consider the exact circumstances of the claim for example; where furniture was damaged by leaking pipes from above, they are likely to say this was accidental, because the policy holder could not have possibly foreseen that the pipe would leak.
Building insurance accidental damage cover will cover for accident in the home such as putting you feet through the loft floor or spilling paint on the outside wall of your house, whilst you were painting the frames. 

Things can happen especially if children are around, the chances mini disasters go up. In a busy household accidents are bound to happen and being insured against this possibility is a good idea.

Often you will find building and contents insurance tied together to save on the cost, but sometimes there can be confusion as to which covers what on the policy.  The idea of contents is that if it can be carried from the house or is not a permanent fixture then it would be covered under the contents insurance.  But, on the other hand it is a permanent fixture then it would be covered under the buildings insurance. Things that are attached to the property, fences sheds or walls will be covered by this type of policy.

Contents insurance accidental damage cover.  Accidental breakage of items like vases ornaments, as well as DIY disasters the spilling of paint on carpets or furniture.

Some buildings and contents accidental damaged which is not covered

Any damage caused by biting, chewing, clawing, tearing by any domestic pet, some insurers will not cover  for damage caused by vermin infestation or insects, squirrels are especially excluded from most insurers policies., and any damage which is just wear and tear.

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