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Comparing cheap home insurance quotes online can often seem a never ending task, there are so many sites out there claiming to offer the best deals that its easy to get confused.  Home insurance need not be complex and the comparison sites often try to sell you more cover than you really need. You want simple, straightforward house insurance quotes that provide safety and security for both your loved ones and your most valuable financial asset – your home.

There are loads of things you can do to save yourself some cash on your insurance costs at a time when every penny counts.  One of the smartest ways is by using the home insurance comparison form provided by our partner, Quotezone, where you could find the best deal possible at an unbeatable price.

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Cheap home insurance quotes - compare types of policy:

Getting the cover that is designed to suit your circumstances is most important as one size doesn’t fit all. Home insurance should be tailored to your personal needs as different house insurance policies cover many different things, it is most important to check this before you commit to any insurer.

Be careful if you live a high risk area (such as one which is at risk of flooding or subsidence) that you advise your insurer of these increased risk details as your home insurance policy could become void in the event of a claim, even if it is unrelated to the risks. Full disclosure is essential and insurance is a legally binding contract, so avoid any little white porky pies at all times!

Thoroughly check your house insurance policy to make sure you have everything you need to insure your home. If you are needing accidental damage cover, is it included in your policy?  The levels of cover you request is most important to make sure you get cover for full replacement values of any items which are damaged or stolen and people often wildly underestimate the sums required.

Home Insurance – Some Money Saving, Expert Tips

Most house insurance policies contain an ‘excess’. This is the amount that you would pay the insurer in the event of a claim. Remember that the higher your excess the lower your insurance premium would be however, be sure that you would be able to pay this excess in the event of claim, it is often quite tempting to put the excess to the maximum – after all you may never have made a claim before and it saves you a tidy sum on your premiums, but the last thing you want when you’ve been burgled is to pay thousands out of your own pocket just to get back what was already yours.

Be cautious about paying monthly for your house insurance as this could make it very expensive for you as some of the interest rates they charge are extremely high.

Don’t over value your property as the cover you require is not for the value of your property but just the re-building costs, if you take house insurance for the market value of your property then you will be paying far too much in insurance premiums.

If you wish to ascertain the re-build value of your property you can have a survey for this but you should first find out what the cost for this survey would be as it can be very expensive.  A cheaper way of doing this (albeit less accurate) is to use the  Association of British Insurers (ABI) Rebuild Cost Calculator 

There could be a discount offered if you have an approved burglar alarm, live in a neighbourhood watch area or even if you purchase your buildings and contents cover together.

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